We're not your typical agency focused on selling a day rate. We're intrinsically invested in other leading organisations who continue to push the envelope of whats possible both in the UAE and abroad. 


Mestaria was born of the belief that art connects us, that it enriches life in a way nothing else can. With this conviction at their core, Mestaria exists to enable creative connections in the Middle East. For those they work alongside, Mestaria is a strategic partner. Commercially savvy and culturally astute, committed to helping artists, brands and creative enterprise in the Middle East achieve long-term goals, while supporting a select number of international clients wishing to access the region.



Fashion Fever was originally conceived as a concept to empower women through fashion and sports with the first two iterations taking place during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, showcasing the must-wear outfits for woman and children during major sporting and lifestyle events. Deemed a resounding success since its inception, Fashion Fever features leading designers, boutiques, and fashion brands to VIP guests in attendance included Ambassadors, Diplomats, C-level executives as well as international fashion label representatives and buyers.


Al Bayt Mitwahid is rooted in the vision of the UAE's Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed, who recognized the importance of unity as a vital necessity for realising the hopes and aspirations of our people and who instilled in everyone the spirit of giving for no return and commandments to assist others whoever, whenever and wherever they are. The Association aims to promote and celebrate unity and culture of giving and feeling of solidarity and mutual responsibility across UAE communities.